Sonja Haren

Sonja Haren, Culbertson High School, Culbertson, Montana

“I graduate on May 21, 2011 and will continue my education at Mesa State, located in Grand Junction, CO.  I have had many people in my life, such as my father and mother, who have not pursued a postsecondary education.  They are unable to advance in their dream careers and receive financial compensation.  Going to a postsecondary school will train me for my future career and will give me the knowledge I need to succeed in life.  I might be young, but I understand the importance of a postsecondary education.  I have recently started a Mary Kay business so that I can afford to buy my own car.  I was introduced to this business through a career day I attended in Wolf Point. I know that I can succeed in this business because I am a driven person, this is a great location for these beauty products, and I have many people who know me and are willing to help me by buying my products. I have been told throughout my life to ‘find my passion and turn that into a career’.  Even though I have been working for quite some time, I do not have much money saved because my money went into everything that I needed to survive as well as my immediate family members’ needs.  I know that I need as much help as I can get, and I do try my hardest to support myself as much as I can but sometimes you cannot do it all yourself, and you need a helping hand. If I get this scholarship this means another person believes in me.  Every time that I know another person believes in me, it gives me a greater strength to do well.”  Sonja was selected as one of the ten 2011 Smith Scholars and received a $1,000 scholarship from the JAG Board of Directors.