Amanda Ingoli

Amanda Ingoli,  North High School, Des Moines, Iowa

“All of the adults in my family have overcome great obstacles, my maternal grandfather had to get a job at eight years of age and pay rent to his stepfather.  My maternal grandmother was physically and emotionally abused, my father came from a poverty-stricken third world country, and my mom is raising three kids by herself.  My paternal grandparents lived in Africa and died when I was very young.  My father grew up in the rainforest of Zaire and had to walk twenty miles to his boarding school….At seven years of age, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  As a result of this affliction, I have been hospitalized several times causing my capillaries in my lungs to burst, causing me to cough up blood.  Yet, I have survived with the uniqueness of my medical history as a young child, which fuels my education aspiration.  So, much has happened to me medically that I have a desire as a researcher for contemporary diseases helping them to get to the root cause of their medical problems and curing them.  Having been a patient for the majority of my life, I can related to the fears, frustrations and emotions associated with being an ill child.  I have personally witnessed the stress experienced by a parent coping with a sick child.  Therefore, I have planned for my success as a pediatrician by challenging myself academically, seeking opportunities that  will provide me with all that I can know about working with children, and never looking back but always looking forward.  If I am chosen as a recipient of this scholarship, it will provide me with the means to leave my mark on society.  It would provide recognition that my dedication and hard work has been acknowledged.”  Amanda was selected as one of the ten 2011 Smith Scholars and received a $1,000 scholarship from the JAG Board of Directors.