JAG Student Stories

Harine Patel


My parents were born and raised in Vadodara, India. Although my parents never had the opportunity to go to college, they realize that it is important for me to have a college education.  They have instilled in me the desire to work hard toward my goals and be independent.  I plan on attending Kennesaw State University in the fall to major in biology as a pre-dentistry program...

Amanda Ingoli


All of the adults in my family have overcome great obstacles, my maternal grandfather had to get a job at eight years of age and pay rent to his stepfather.  My maternal grandmother was physically and emotionally abused, my father came from a poverty-stricken third world country, and my mom is raising three kids by herself.  

Sonja Haren


I graduate on May 21, 2011 and will continue my education at Mesa State, located in Grand Junction, CO.  I have had many people in my life, such as my father and mother, who have not pursued a postsecondary education.  They are unable to advance in their dream careers and receive financial compensation.