JAG National Network


The JAG National Network is comprised of 39 state organizations and 1,400 program affiliates delivering services in the 2018-2019 school year. There are two types of state organizations:

Private non-profit corporations with 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. These corporations are easiest identified in the state list with “Inc.” following the name of the State Organization.

Public operating companies organized by a sponsoring government agency including but not limited to: Department of Education, Department of Workforce Education, Department of Labor, Department of Workforce Development, Department of Commerce, Department of Employment and Workforce, School District, and Business Roundtable.


The Chief Executive of the JAG State Organization sits on the JAG National Council of State Affiliates and referred to as the CSA Representative. The state representatives meet biannually for sharing, learning and feedback purposes. The CSA representatives’ contact information is provided below:




CSA Representative:
Mandy Nichols, State Program Manager
Jobs for Alabama Graduates
Alabama Department of Education
50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
Office Tel. 334.353.1545
Office Fax. 334.353.8406



CSA Representative:
Alison Kear, Executive Director
Covenant House Alaska
755 A Street, Anchorage, AK 99501
Office Tel.  907.272.1255

Carlette Mack
Chief Operating Officer



CSA Representative:
Graciela Garcia Candia, President
Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates, Inc.
3320 W. Cheryl Drive
Suite B220
Phoenix, AZ 85051
Office Tel. 602.216.9507
Office Fax: 602.216.9508



CSA Representative:
Sonja Wright-McMurray, M.Ed., M.S.
Associate Director for CTE Special Programs
Arkansas Department of Career Education
#3 Capitol Mall, Suite 200
Little Rock, AR 72201
Office Tel. 501.683.4432
Office Fax. 501.682.8306





CSA Representative:
Cindy Tanner, Executive Director
Jobs 4 California Graduates
28212 Kelly Johnson Pkwy., Ste. 195
Valencia, CA 93155



CSA Representative:
The Honorable Nicole Poore, President
Jobs for Delaware Graduates, Inc.
381 W. North St.
Dover, DE 19904
Office Tel. 302.734.9341
Office Fax. 302.734.4912    




CSA Representative:
Heather Beaven, President
Jobs for Florida’s Graduates, Inc.
PO Box 1779
Flagler Beach, FL 32136
Office Tel. 386.439.5730
Office Fax. 386.439.5731



CSA Representative:
Nedra M. Wakefield, Project Director
Jobs for Georgia’s Graduates
Georgia Department of Labor
151 Ellis Street, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30305
Office Tel. 404.656.5567
Office Fax. 404.463.0596



Barbara Algarin


Leslie Crist
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
10 N. Senate Avenue RM SE304
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2277

Brianna Morse
Associate Director of Youth Initiatives
Department of Workforce Development
10 N. Senate Ave, Room 203
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Work: 317-234-8434
Cell: 317-376-5083



CSA Representative:
Laurie C. Phelan, President
Iowa JAG, Inc.
1111 9th Street
Suite 268
Des Moines, IA 50314
Work:  515.216.3161
Cell:  515.201.6111
Fax:  515.361.5375




CSA Representative:
Chuck Knapp
515 S. Kansas Ave., Suite 201
Topeka, KS 66603





CSA Representative:
Lisa Handziak
269 Meadow Valley Rd
Lexington, KY 40511



CSA Representative:
Dianna G. Keller
Office of Workforce Development
1001 North 23rd Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802




CSA Representative:
Craig Larrabee, President
Jobs for Maine’s Graduates, Inc.
65 Stone Street
Augusta, ME 04330
Office Tel. 207.620.7180 x 213
Office Fax. 207.620.7185



CSA Representative:
Kristin Harrington
Executive Director of Jobs for Michigan's Graduates
Youth Solutions, Inc.
330 West Main Street, Suite 101
Benton Harbor, MI  49022
Office Tel. 269.208.1596
Office Fax. 269.927.1399



CSA Representative:
Paul K. Kincaid
Missouri Community College Association
3154 West Tracy Court
P.O. Box 2386
Springfield, MO  65807
Telephone: 417.425.5139




CSA Representative:




CSA Representative:
Ramona Seabron-Williams
Executive Director
Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, Inc.
6055 Ridgewood Rd, Suite A
Jackson, MS 39211
Fax: 601-978-3232



CSA Representative:
Erica Swanson, State Director
Jobs for Montana’s Graduates
P. O. Box 1728
1327 Lockey
Helena, MT 59624
Office Tel. 406.444.0978
Office Fax. 406.444.3037



CSA Representative
Rene Cantu Jr., Ph.D.
Executive Director
Jobs for Nevada's Graduates, Inc.
4045 S. Buffalo Drive, Ste. A-101-128
Las Vegas, NV 89147
Phone: (702) 425-1384

Southern Office: Spring Valley High School, 3750 S. Buffalo 89147
Northern Office: Sparks JobConnect, 1675 E. Prater Way 89434


New Hampshire

CSA Representative:
Janet Arnett
New Hampshire, JAG Inc.
175 Ammon Drive, Suite 208
Manchester, NH 03103
Office Tel. 603.647.2300


New Jersey

CSA Representative
Sandra Strothers
Executive Director 
JAG-New Jersey 
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation
216 West State Street, Third Floor 
Trenton, NJ 08608


New Mexico

CSA Representative:
Kay Provolt, State Director
Jobs for America’s Graduates–New Mexico
3908 Calle Pino NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
Office Tel. 505.239.9270


North Carolina 

CSA Representative:
Pam Hartley



CSA Representative:
Chris Canova, State Director
Jobs for Ohio's Graduates, Inc.
1333 Home Avenue
Akron, OH 44310
Office Tel. 330.374.9445
Office Fax. 330.374.9448



South Carolina

CSA Representative:
Elaine Midkiff, State Director
JAG-South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce
1550 Gadsden Street
P.O. Box 1406
Columbia, SC 29202
Office Tel. 803.737.0214
Office Fax. 803.737.2199's-graduates


South Dakota
CSA Representative:
Dr. Janet Briggs
State Director
236 Jonas, Unit 9004
Spearfish, SD 57799



CSA Representative
John Dwyer, Executive Director
Jobs for Tennessee Graduates, Inc.
6 S. 14th Street
Nashville, TN  37206
Tel. (615) 289-1703



Jeff Koeninger
548 Silicon Drive, Suite 101
Southlake, TX 76092



CSA Representative:
Barry Glenn, President and CEO
Jobs for Virginia Graduates, Inc.
16333 Pouncey Tract Road
P.O. Box 519
Rockville, VA 23146-0519
Office Tel. 804.513.1931


Virgin Islands 

Virgin Islands Department of Labor



CSA Representative

Kim Hoss
Program Specialist
Learning and Teaching
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
600 Washington St. SE
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
office: 360-725-6313




West Virginia

CSA Representative:
W. Brent Sturm, Executive Director
Jobs for West Virginia's Graduates, Inc.
Post Office Box 635
Barboursville, WV 25504-0635
Office Tel. 304/667-8278
Office Fax. 304/521-1905




JAG-Wisconsin Balance of State Representative:
Sarah Jo Dahlstrom
Forward Service Corporation
4600 American Parkway, Suite 301
Madison, WI 53718
Office Tel. 715.299.9417
Office Fax. 608.244.6273